Legal Intelligence

Traditionally, teams of lawyers went through and digested large volumes of legal files, documentary evidence, and other pieces of ancillary information in order to make strong cases...

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Biomedical researchers today increasingly employ a "translational" methodology wherein findings from various disciplines are translated into developing better diagnostics, therapeutic tools...

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Telecommunications is big business. Ranging from the saturated markets of North America and Western Europe to emerging economies such as India and China, a telephone is the primary...

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Discovering value in large amounts of information in a timely manner and strategizing based on the insights gained should be the cornerstone of a successful financial organization...

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Why Us

Cutting Edge

We strive to be at the cutting edge. Often, when dealing with large amounts of complex data or "big data"...

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Specialization is indispensable when it comes to increasing efficiency. In our opinion, the same holds true if one...

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Big Science

It is our belief that big data is yet to meet "big science". The state of the art in the science of big data today involves...

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Our Founders

Aniruddha Yadav

Founder and CEO

Col A K Kaul

Head Talent Management

Justice Jainarayan Patel

Non-executive Director