Internet of Things

Imagine getting a text from your fridge in the middle of a party that the beer will run out soon, or a can of beans telling you at the supermarket that you already have them in stock at home. Imagine a world of never-occurring traffic jams made possible by cars exchanging information with each other and sensors on the road. All this and much more is at the cusp of being everyday reality; made possible by technologies that enable device to device and device to human data exchange via the internet. The volume, variety, and complexity of data generated and exchanged in this "internet of things" (IOT) will be unprecedented, and so will be the opportunities to harness this data for profit. Extracting insights from data flows within the IOT poses unique challenges. Not only are the degrees of freedom (interaction space of devices and humans) of the IOT much larger than the present day internet, but also events in the IOT have the potential of impacting the real world in ways not thought of before. Some of the things we could help you with include:

  • Simulated IOT. By using Agent-based modeling and complexity theory to understand data flow patterns in simulated IOTs, we are developing strategies for businesses to leverage data from the IOT as it emerges.
  • Remote situation management. An area of immense possibilities with the emergence of the IOT is the ability to control complex events in the real world via the internet using sensors on devices or smart machines.