Businesses must continually evolve to stay competitive amidst an ever-accelerating information cycle. The ability to thoroughly and methodically process information and expeditiously act on the insights gained is key to having an edge going forward. The past decade witnessed an explosion in the amount of information enterprises generated and consumed. It is commonplace these days for even a medium sized company to be dealing with Terabytes of internal data pertaining to their consumers. Add to that other data streams including social media, news, devices and sensors, weather patterns and we are witnessing a revolution in the amounts and variety of information that has become available. While data of yesteryears was uninspiringly simple, often tabular in nature and mostly numerical, the data we encounter today is perplexingly rich and complex; thanks to amazing advancements in the way it is collected, stored and retrieved.

Today, in order to harness the power of data, one must address through technology and science its vastness, the high rates at which it might accumulate and its inherent complexity. Ultimately, this is only good in so far as it results in actionable business insights. Thus arises the need to combine advanced scientific expertise in analyzing data with deep knowledge of the domain in which businesses operate. Exploiting data to solve business problems is indeed an art at the confluence of many disciplines, requiring close collaborations between scientists, technologists, and domain experts in a seamless interdisciplinary setting.

At Gauge, cultivating such a multidisciplinary environment is our core belief. What sets us apart is our constant endeavor to employ the latest science from fields as diverse as machine learning, information theory, statistical physics and the neurosciences, on state of the art technology platforms to tailor business specific solutions. In doing so we are in a unique position to offer you that extra edge over your competitors.